The fictional story: The soldier, his army, his president and the war declared by his president.

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Could it be possible for something like this to happen?

This is a fictional story:

The fictional story: The soldier, his army, his president and the war declared by his president.

Revelation 19 19 The armies of the beast versus the army of the loyal king

A president declared war on another country and sent thousands of troops, most of them were between 19 and 22 years old, Rhoi was one of them, he made friends in the army, on the battlefield he saw some of them die , he saw others become amputated, or physically disabled for life, he saw members of the enemy army kill his friends, he saw how some of his companions risked their lives to save the lives of their other companions, and he saw them die and fall wounded many of them, Rhoi harbored a hatred against the enemy army, each friend of his who fell in combat fueled that desire for revenge, that hatred, one day, when not even a hundred days had passed since the beginning of the war, his army surrounded a battalion of the enemy army, among those surrounded troops he was able to visualize those who had killed or physically disabled his comrades in arms, his best friends, Rhoi finally believed that he would see revenge and see those who killed his friends die, but when the army that Rhoi belonged to was about to start the assault, the enemy troops with a white flag surrendered and dropped their weapons, due to international treaties, then those soldiers who surrendered were only taken prisoner and not executed, their lives were not taken. Two weeks later, the president of the country of Rhoi made a peace agreement with the president of the country on which he had declared war, a commercial agreement under which only the richest of both countries would benefit, the prisoners of the enemy army were released , but Rhoi’s fallen friends did not return to physical integrity, much less to life, as the case may be.

If I were between 19 and 22 years old and they wanted to force me to join such an army, like the army that enrolled Rhoi, of course I would fight bravely, but not for that army, but rather I would fight to make my right to refuse to go to war in an army that is not going to be consistent with the war, I would not join an army that uses its soldiers for the whims of its president, I would not join an army that spares the lives of those who assassinate members of their own army, I would not join an army that forgives and maintains the physical integrity of those who destroyed the physical integrity of their own troops.

The army that I would serve with loyalty is the one that has a loyal president and a loyal army, one that does not take prisoners but completely exterminates its enemies, tell me where there is such an army so that I can enroll today as a soldier in its ranks.


Satans army is powdered The end of the crossed Devil - at the resurrection for the final judgement ( the reincarnation)

Daniel 12 1 Michael stands up at the end times

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